İslamic Story-Why Are You Crying?

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Özel Üye


One day, Malik bin Dinar (RAHMATULLAHALAY)
was passing by a place when he
noticed a young man wearing old clothes
& crying by the roadside.
The young man's name was Uthbah &
sweat was dripping down his body even
though the temperature was ice cold at
that time.
Malik bin Dinar became very surprised at
this scene & asked Uthbah, "Oh young
man, why are you crying? And why are
you sweating during this cold
Uthbah replied, "Once, I committed a sin
at this place. Today, as I was passing by
this place, I remembered that sin."
In our own lives today, we are committing
thousands of sins, yet, we walk around
with happiness & joy as if we have
nothing to worry about. What's worse is
that we even laugh at our sins, share our
wrong-doings with others & feel nothing
about it.
Oh ALLAH, The Most Merciful of those
showing Mercy please forgive us. We are
ignorant & foolish. Please Dear Loving
ALLAH, conceal our sins always & shower
us with YOUR Mercy on that day when our
limbs will talk & bear testimony to our